Grants Pass Residential Tinting Testimonial

Phillip D. Greek

Grants Pass, OR 97527

Dear Bill:

We moved into our new home last August and found the window coverings did not provide us with adequate protection from the sun. Our living room faces the west and that side of the house is approximately 75% windows. After a “scorching” summer, we decided to investigate whether or not to have tinting applied to the windows. Fortunately for us, we contacted your business. We were treated courteously and provided with enough literature to make an educated decision that this could be the answer.

After you came out the following week, and gave us an estimate (which was several hundred dollars bellow what I anticipated), we were convinced as to what we should do.

The silver reflective window film was applied by you and a member of your company. The proof of the effective of the tinting was to be found in the next few weeks. I was shocked at how effective the tinting was! We could now walk into the living room without noticing an increase in temperature. The entire house is cooler. We haven’t used the air conditioning since the tinting.

This letter was only written to let you know how happy we are with the job you did and the material you used. Should any prospective customers want to contact a satisfied one, all they need to do is contact me.

Thanks again for a SUPER job.


Phil Greek

Phillip D. Greek