Residential Tinting

No product can match the triple threat of privacy, protection and cooling that B&C has to offer. Our films will keep your home a private place without ruining your view to the outside world. Your furniture and carpeting will remain unharmed by the Sun as our products block up to 99% of all harmful UV rays. Finally save on cooling costs as our films cut up to 70% of heat coming through your windows.

Save on energy costs

It is hard to believe, but one product will:

  • make a room more comfortable, while saving energy
  • preserve furnishings, fabrics, and artwork
  • tame harsh glare, while protecting your eyes
  • help protect your entire family from the dangers of UV induced skin diseases and photosensitivity
  • act as a safety shield in the event of broken glass

Our window films are professionally installed with no mess, no hassle – and minimal or no disruption to activities at your home or business.

With B&C Sun Control Tint, you can be assured of a comfortable, beautiful and more secure environment in which to live or work. Our Films come with a Manufacturer’s Warranty.

VISTA® allows glare controlled sunlight to pass through your windows while screening out heat and dangerous ultraviolet rays.